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Hey! I'm Geneva or Gen! I love Boy Meets World, Merlin, The Mindy Project, Scandal, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and Legend of Korra And Love Amber Riley.
I ship Makorra. They're pretty snazzy.
I'm a huge Starkid Fan. I'm a Hufflepuff according to Pottermore. But have elements of all four houses.
And Merlin, obviously Arwen. And MerlinxArthur Are pretty great too. Oh and from my favorite childhood show I ship Shangela/Shawngela and I ship Copanga and Cory and Shawn for their lovable bromance. In The Mindy Project My obvious OTP is Mindy/Danny.
Performing is my life. I love when I have the chance to sing, act and dance. It gives me many ways to expand my horizons. Life is full of surprises, and they're coming at me faster than i've expected.


Samcedes Week: Day 1 Falling In Love.

AU: Sam has been crushing on Mercedes for a while and Quinn finds out his secret. She gives him the extra advice he needs to finally muster up the courage to show her how he feels. However, Mercedes doesn’t buy it…at first. 


Samcedes Week:

Day 1: Falling in Love

Sam and Mercedes are best friends who both have feelings about each other. While Mercedes tried to prove to her friends wrong about her feelings for him, Sam tries to work his way in to becoming more than friends.


anonymous asked: Samcedes + Parallels 

Glee - Ship Names
Inspired by (x)

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christine: youre #16 for sure zach!



detonate christine right out of that alliance at final five

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