Join Me On A Journey

Hey! I'm Geneva or Gen! I love Boy Meets World, Merlin, The Mindy Project, Scandal, Harry Potter and the Hunger Games and Legend of Korra And Love Amber Riley.
I ship Makorra. They're pretty snazzy.
I'm a huge Starkid Fan. I'm a Hufflepuff according to Pottermore. But have elements of all four houses.
And Merlin, obviously Arwen. And MerlinxArthur Are pretty great too. Oh and from my favorite childhood show I ship Shangela/Shawngela and I ship Copanga and Cory and Shawn for their lovable bromance. In The Mindy Project My obvious OTP is Mindy/Danny.
Performing is my life. I love when I have the chance to sing, act and dance. It gives me many ways to expand my horizons. Life is full of surprises, and they're coming at me faster than i've expected.


Joey: 13-0
Paola: 10-2
Devin: 11-0
Brittany: 10-0

What an exciting season…. not


I sometimes root for a player for like a day, then they try to mess with Donny or Jocasta and they’re dead to me



Jocasta Odom aka the most gif-able person in the big brother house


Big Brother has been known for having extremely strong female competitors who have their own minds and the fact that we had one girl with her own mind this season is really fucking depressing

Operation: Get An America's HOH →


Dear CBS,

This season of Big Brother is being run by a dominant alliance that’s practically hated by America, and we need something to change that. After 5 weeks of gameplay, fan favorites like Paola Shea and Brittany Martinez have been sent home, and only four likeable players remain: Zach…

ALL Girls being nominated left and right




FRANKIE why would you say jocasta could go and kill herself, even AFTER she did that service for your grandpa


Frankie just said that Jocasta can kill herself if Jocasta is upset that she’s on the block.


Don’t act like you wouldn’t be upset if you were at a risk to go home. →



I’m not even a Zach fan, but how can people claim they feel bad for Nicole because she is nice? WTF? Maybe they don’t watch the feeds, but Nicole talks shit all the time about people. She has said worse than calling someone a fruit loop dingus. Especially about Amber who has been nothing but…

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